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West Africa

  • Glaucoma day in Côte d'Ivoire May-2017

Orchidia has sponsored a day in the national hospital in Côte d'Ivoire to check glaucoma patients for free and provide them with the suitable treatment from our anti-glaucoma portfolio (Iloprost, Twinzol, Dorzolamide).

  • Benin campaign:

In the cooperation of Dr. Aina s. Gabin who is one of the KOLs in Benin Orchidia has sponsored a campaign in the Calavi ophthalmological center for checking the eyes of the population with quarter the price,

The campaign is directed for the indications of glaucoma and dry eye.

The campaign is held for 2 days on 26-08-2017 and 27-08-2017.


  • SOS conference:

SOS conference is the biggest conference for ophthalmology held in Sudan every 2 years and attended by more than 750 ophthalmologists from Sudan only in addition to the number of ophthalmologist guests and speakers from other Arab countries.

This year Orchidia decided to Launch its registered products in the Sudanese market during the SOS conference.

  • Our registered portfolio includes:

2 artificial tears: they were our main campaign in the conference as they are about to be available in the market during the upcoming few weeks

Tears guard: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose.

  Poly-fresh: Sodium Hyaluronate

2 antibiotics:

Gatistar 0.3%: Gatifloxacin

Fortymox: Moxifloxacin

  • 2 antiallergic:

  Orchazid : Ketotifen fumarate

  Conjyclear: olopatadine

  • Contact lenses solution: perfect care

  • Antiglaucoma: Ozolamide (Dorzolamide).


  • Wetlab training round one:

Orchidia pharmaceuticals has started its wet lab training since April 2017, the outcome of the training has made a great propaganda in Egypt and the Middle East,

Since then our advocates in other Arab countries where we launched has requested to participate in the event, so, we started our first round of wet lab training for export with 8 Jordanian ophthalmologists on 22-08-2017.