Who We Are

Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries (Orchidia) is an outstanding Egyptian company, it is pioneer in the production of pharmaceutical ophthalmic products, ranked number one in the Egyptian ophthalmic market with the highest growth rate in this market. Orchidia has its own manufacturing facility in Al-Obour city on 6,000 M² Footprint and considered one of the biggest in the Middle East region with a current production as a site from two Plants is approximately 103 M unit (Box)  annually 

By 2020 orchidia has expanded in cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals by top notch products and technology.

Orchidia certified with WHO-GMP implementation from the Egyptian Drug Authority EDA and other countries of registration in the Middle East and Africa, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 17025:2017, ISO 13485:2016, and European CE mark. We maintain and continually improve our Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to achieve the required quality level and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Our current portfolio includes 60 ophthalmic drugs, and 11 medical devices with 8 obtain the CE marked certificates. In addition to a rich pipeline in different ophthalmic Products in different ophthalmic Dosage forms. Our CE products are registered in Belgium MOH by SGS Belgium 1639 and by the German-authorized representative MDSS ( Medical Device Safety Services).

Orchidia products are available outside our national borders in 40 countries, mainly in MEA region. The company is in the process of registration in several countries.

Orchidia currently has seven Eye Filling Production Lines & Two Automatic Packaging Lines as follows:

Two Blow fill seal (BFS) Rommelag Multi Dose sterile eye drops sterile filling  Machines (Volumes of 5,10 &15 ml).
“The machines work with the Blow Fill Seal Technology (BFS) without any human intervention through the whole sterile operation”.One Rommelag Single Dose Unit ( SDU ) Preservative Free sterile eye drops filling machine   (0.2 to 0.6 ml). In 2017, we made a strategic investment in the preservative-free ophthalmic products market by acquiring the BFS SDU filling machine. This machine helped us to increase our market share in this growing market, both domestically and globally.In 2021, we observed a growing demand for preservative-free eye drops. This encouraged us to expand our investments in a new high-tech SDU BFS, which will have four times the capacity of our old one. The new SDU BFS will be installed by the end of 2023, and it will allow us to meet the increasing demand for preservative-free eye drops market This will allow us to meet the demand for this market for the next 5 years, based on our forecasted sales plan.Three conventional eye drops sterile filling machine lines with bottle, nozzle & capping .One sterile filling contact eye lens solution CAM Machine .Two sterile eye drops filling machines IMA & B+S volumes ( 2.5 , 3 , 5 & 10 ml ).“ The complete drops filling process is performed in a sterile area which is under intensive sterilization, validation, and qualification in a strict time plan “

IWK sterile semi-solid filling & packaging line for filling (5 & 10 grams ) ( Aluminum & Laminated tubes).In addition to, Two automatic packaging lines  (CAM & IMA)  with the latest serialization Track &Trace system.

The complete eye drops filling process is performed in a highly classified cleanroom under intensive environmental monitoring , validation, and qualification to maintain a high level of sterility assurance to our products in a strict time plan.Orchidia is producing different forms of ophthalmic Products including eye drops, contact lenses solutions, gel, suspension , single dose preservative free products & sterile semi - solid products.


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