• Composition

Each soft gelatin capsule contains: Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 66.0 mg, Vitamin B12 wax mixture 0.1% 7.0 mg (equivalent to 7µg of cyanocobalamin), Nicotinamide 10.5 mg, Beta Carotene 30% 11.0 mg (equivalent to 550 IU of Vitamin A), Vitamin E 10.0 mg (equivalent to 10 IU of Vitamin E), Selenium – as selenium yeast 0.1% 10.0 mg (equivalent to 10 µg of selenium), Ginkgo Biloba powdered extract 40.0 mg & Zinc Gluconate 13.5 mg (equivalent to 1.93 mg of Zinc).

  • Indications 

Dietary supplement contains vitamins & antioxidants.

Used to support inhibition of retinopathy development in diabetic patients, provides a powerful multi-antioxidant effect for many other uses.

  • How supplied

Carton box contains 3 (Al/PVC) strips, each strip contains 10 SGC.

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