Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries

Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries (Orchidia) is an outstanding Egyptian company specialized in the production of pharmaceutical ophthalmic product, cosmeceutical products, as well as food supplements. It ranked number two in the Egyptian ophthalmic market with the highest growth rate in this market.

Our Products

An integrated intelligent portfolio

Anti-Allergic eye drops

Lenses care products

Anti-infective eye drops

Glaucoma treatment

Wet lab

Wetlab is a basic course in Phacoemulsification offered by Orchidia Pharmaceutical which is tailor-made to suit the needs of our future surgeons to provide step by step training on Phaco procedure and give them the confidence to handle their own Phaco procedures at the end of the course.

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Al-Obour city – Industrial Zone, Area 14,15, Block no.12011, Cairo, Egypt.

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