We believe (in Orchidia pharmaceutical industries) that we have responsibilities and commitment towards the society. Our success is not measured in financial terms, but also in our commitment to serve our community CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities).

Orchidia started the ongoing CSR campaigns since 2009 for improving patients’ clinics and provide enhanced healthcare services for patients in ophthalmic hospitals and eye care centers all over Egypt by donating tens of slit lamps, Auto ref, retinoscope, Biometry, Schoitiztonometers and ophthalmic ultrasound.

One of our successful campaigns is “ Enek Fe Enena - عنيك فى عينينا”  to combat blindness through a comprehensive survey to identify cases of Cataract and Glaucoma.

The campaign aims to  improve the level of community health and eliminating diseases causing visual impairment.