Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries (Orchidia) has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical market. Orchidia is well-known for its reputation in the MEA region, and mutual trust of patients and ophthalmology physicians in our safe and high-quality products as well as our responsiveness to customers.

The story started In 1993, Orchidia Promotions was established, as a pharmaceutical service provider in the field of marketing and support activities like DRA, Recruitment, Training, etc. Orchidia Promotions entered the pharmaceutical sector in Egypt with the aim of providing promotional services to multinational pharmaceutical companies, this was the gateway through which Orchidia gained its vast experiences.

Orchidia Promotions served as the local agent for many well-known multinational pharmaceutical companies from 1993 till 2002. During this period, Orchidia Promotions was responsible for launching, marketing and distribution of a wide range of eye care and general medicine products in Egypt. In this time; both Dr. Ossama Abbas (current Chairman & CEO of Orchidia) with the late Dr. Salwa Eid acted as marketing and distribution consultants.

In 2003 Orchidia Promotions changed its name to be Orchidia Pharma due to the change in the company activities to become a manufacturing company. Orchidia Pharma used its expert’s knowledge to shift from a service provider to a local manufacturer for affordable with high-quality eye care products.

In 2005, Dr. Ossama Abbas decided to build our own manufacturing facility ''Orchidia Pharmaceutical Industries'' in Al-Obour city industrial area. Orchidia manufacturing site is the 1st plant in Egypt to introduce the Blow-Fill-Seal technology for producing ophthalmic solutions. This technology ensures precision and product sterility as each plastic bottle is formed, filled and sealed in a totally sterile automated process without any human intervention.

Since its existence and through dedication and hard work of its team; Orchidia in just 7 years has achieved A 2nd position in the Egyptian ophthalmic drugs market with the highest growth rate in this market* which 45 companies operate.