Sterile Preservative free ophthalmic solution.


Topical Anesthetic for ophthalmic use


Each 1 ml of Benoxidia contains

Active: Oxybuprocaine hydrochloride 4 mg

Inactive; Povidone k25, Boric acid, hydrochloride acid / sodium hydroxide to adjust PH & water for injection.


Adults, Elderly & children

*One drop is sufficient when dropped into the conjunctival sac to anaesthetize the surface of the eye to allow tonometry after one minute. A further drop after 90 seconds provides adequate anesthesia for the fitting of contact lenses. Three drops at 90 second intervals provides sufficient anesthesia for a foreign body to be removed from the corneal epithelium or for incision of a meibomian cyst through the conjunctiva. Corneal sensitivity is normal again after about one hour.

*Instill drop wise into the eye according to the recommended dosage.