About Orchidia

Orchidia is one of the leading ophthalmic manufacturing corporates in Egypt, with a ranked number #2 two in the ophthalmic drugs market in which 45 companies operate. Orchidia was established in 2007 with a distinguished mission of improving people’s Quality of Life & creating value to stakeholders by providing superior healthcare products and services through innovative solutions. 


Recognition is awarded for our efforts in Corporate Responsibility practices and business performance. Orchidia pays an exceptional attention to employees, with a great belief that employees are the backbone of any progress and success it attains. For that principle, Orchidia provides its employees with various benefits; it maintains a constant development system through which it provides its employees with the needed training that ensure an ongoing development for their technical & non-technical skills, knowledge, and talents. Orchidia is also keen on maintaining a work-life harmony through holding diverse activities Birthday Parties, Annual Trip, Team Building Activities & New Year Party and celebrating all occasions to enrich the spirit of citizenship and cooperation as well as enhancing employee satisfaction. Orchidia is one of the heading corporates that is eager to retain and develop its employees through guaranteeing opportunities for promotions through conducting assessments that ensure transparency and credibility.

Orchidia is also keen on organizational development, thus, annually it launches Focus Group Sessions – on different levels and functions- to discuss points of strength and points of development for the purpose of improving Corporate performance.


Our employees adhere to applicable laws and regulations, as well as conduct that is consistent with our commitment to honesty, fairness, respect for people, Integrity and transparency, Innovation & creativity & Engagement.

Our employees are expected to lead and foster a culture of ethical and compliant behavior. To assist in this, a Compliance Committee has been established which focuses on the development and enhancement of our compliance program and is led by BOD Member who submits regular reports regarding compliance matters to the Chairman of the Board. Committee holds periodic meetings to discuss compliance matters within their respective charters, including adherence to legal and regulatory obligations and commitments, changes in the legal and regulatory environment, risk areas and best practices. Orchidia launches awareness sessions of Core Values and legal sessions on employees’ rights.

Orchidia, in addition to this, maintains highest standards of ethics and compliance with Egyptian Law. Orchidia implements a wide range of policies and procedures and executes internal monitoring and auditing that result in high compliance and ethical accountability.


In all of our activities, we commit our enthusiasm, energy, and expertise to address the veritable needs and realities of each market. Our passion is a cornerstone of what we do, because of health matters.

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