Research and development

We believe that Research & Development is an essential component of the innovation process and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages. It is mainly dedicated to innovating upon patient need and guided by worldwide quality standards. This aim leads us directly into Orchidia's mission and vision as we aim to create a broad pipeline of quality products that fulfill the needs of patients and ophthalmologists in Egypt the Middle East, Africa & gulf.

We are currently increasing our research labs to satisfy our customers’ needs, designed and furnished with new validated equipment which been optimized by our special experts for reaching the optimal performance that leads to the reliable and accurate results required for strengthening our pipeline, developing a research-based productivity, and fostering innovation through collaboration. Orchidia also employs highly qualified R&D staff and focuses on the ongoing education for them through the continuous training program and supplying them with the latest medicine textbooks and research articles. This staff is aided by a vast array of consultants from the top universities in Egypt as well as our various research collaborations.

Collaborations and clinical trial:

Orchidia collaborates with the top domestic and international Medicine and Pharmacy Faculties and research centers for carrying out clinical trials to fulfill our research aims. Our previous collaborations included working with the Faculty of Medicine in both Ein Shams and Mansoura Universities and international research centers like GRC; Genuine Research Center.

You can participate!

Our research for development at Orchidia is mainly driven by changes in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern patients’ needs. However, your input to maintain this model of customer needs driven research is highly appreciated. We are continually gathering information from Ophthalmologists all over our local and international markets to improve our list of products to offer a wide range of ophthalmic solutions to cover all patients’ needs.